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The Florida Community Development District Report is a news service of Income Securities Advisor (ISA), the publisher of the Distressed Debt Securities Newsletter, a monthly newsletter in publication since 1983 dealing with corporate and municipal bonds defaults.ISA maintains a comprehensive database of over 3000 municipal bond defaults that have occurred since 1980. Richard Lehmann, the publisher of this newsletter is a columnist for Forbes magazine and an authority on municipal defaults. The website monitors all 600 community development districts as to the status of their development as well as their bonds. At the present time some 105 districts have bonds which are either in payment default or are not receiving sufficient assessment payments in order to make their interest payments. In addition, we monitor some 51 districts on our 'Watch List' which are experiencing difficulties likely to lead to a default.

Aside from maintaining the various publicizes, official statements and bondholding information on these districts, we also provide pricing information based on actual trading as well as best estimates. These particular information services are provided by the Bondholders of the districts themselves. The website is constantly being updated on a daily basis to provide the most recent and accurate information available.

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